I was born in Kraków, Poland and began my music career playing violin and piano at the age of seven. My first instrument was the blue melodica (a present from my father) which I played during my school audition when I was just six years old. I left my music school and started composing and writing songs being just 13 years old. This has changed my life completely.

Since then, I have had some achievements I am very proud of! My first home recorded album mostly includes songs which I wrote when I was a teenager and is a symbol of my rite of passage from writing songs secretly in the corner of my room in a tiny flat in Kraków to going public with my music. It was “now or never” for me and that’s the title of the album. Teraz Albo Nigdy started a fantastic adventure. I performed in jazz cafes, music & dancing clubs and won some awards.  I am a finalist of the prestigious OPPA 2009, ISSA, semi – finalist of UK Songwriting Contest, finalist of USA Song of the Year and a first musician who reached the target of 25.000 zloty on Polish crowd- funding music portal Over 250 fans helped me to collect the money to record my CD in a professional studio.
Album “Nomen Nescio” has been recorded in DB studio in Jarocin, produced by Kostek Andriejew and released in September 2010.

I’m currently working on my second studio album which will be recorded with my band: Mariusz (drums), Adrian (bass) and Daniel (electric and acoustic guitars).